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The Law Office of Deron Castro, P.C., is dedicated to the representation of individuals charged with criminal offenses.  For over 18 years we have aggressively represented people in state and federal court in the New York metropolitan area and elsewhere on a variety of charges, including: assault; drug possession; drug sale; DWI; murder; manslaughter; gun possession; robbery; burglary; conspiracy; grand larceny; fraud; and commercial bribery.

Unlike many lawyers practicing in the area of criminal defense, Deron Castro has extensive trial experience involving the most serious type of crimes.  Whether you or a loved one is charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, the attorney best suited to evaluate, negotiate and handle the case is an experienced criminal trial attorney.  Some cases may need to go to trial while others may be resolved with a reasonable plea bargain.  The best way to receive a reasonable plea offer is by having an attorney with extensive trial experience who has obtained successful results against the very prosecutors with whom he is negotiating.  Whether it is fighting a case at trial or acquiring a favorable plea offer, the Law Office of Deron Castro, P.C., can provide the best representaion for you or a loved one.

UPDATE  -  EVIDENCE SUPPRESSED IN MURDER CASEDefense attorney Deron Castro convinced a Supreme Court judge in Queens to throw out evidence againt a defendant in a murder case after a pre-trial hearing.  The District Attorney sought to introduce statements of a client made during an interrogation by homicide detectives at the precinct. After carefully cross examining the detective at the hearing, Castro was able to persuade the judge to suppress the evidence by citing past cases where similar evidence was tossed out. It is quite rare for a judge to suppress a defendant's own statements, let alone to have them suppressed in a murder case.  Knowledge of the applicable law and extensive experience are invaluable assets for a criminal defense attorney.  July 6, 2016 - Queens County Supreme Court 

UPDATE  -  JURY FINDS CLIENT NOT GUILTY OF ALL CHARGES IN QUEENS GUN CASE!Despite hearing the testimony of 4 separate police officers, including a sergeant, and finding a gun at the scene, a Queens jury returned with a not guilty verdict after defense attorney Deron Castro shot gaping holes in their testimony during his heated cross examination.   The questionable actions and behavior of the police officers were exposed during the trial, which included chasing the man through his own home without a legal basis and several officers jumping on him in the street.  The jury was simply not buying the police version of events and acquitted the client after a brief deliberation. February 26, 2016 - Queens County Supreme Court

UPDATE  -  GUN POSSESSION CHARGE DISMISSED AGAINST QUEENS MANA Queens man was charged with hiding a loaded gun inside of a police car after being taken into custody. The client retained the Law Office of Deron Castro after he was indicted and facing up to 15 years in prison. After numerous meetings with the prosecutor and pre-trial hearings took place, the defense hired a polygraph expert to assist in proving the client's innocence.  Despite the fact that Mr. Castro was confident he would prevail at trial, he was able able to avoid a trial and get the charges dismissed by utilizing a lie detector test.  February 3, 2016 - Queens County Supreme Court 

UPDATE  -  POSSESSION OF OVER 24 KILOS OF COCAINE IN THE BRONX - ALL CHARGES DISMISSED!Client was charged with Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the First Degree, an A1 felony which carries a sentence of a minimum of 8 years and a maximum of 20 years. The police claimed he was in possession of over 24 kilos of cocaine. After rejecting any plea offer, all charges were dismissed by the government because they could not prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. January 14, 2016 - New York County Criminal Court

UPDATE  -  ALL CHARGES DISMISSED IN STOLEN CAR & FORGED INSTRUMENT CASEClient was arrested driving an expensive SUV which had been reported stolen. The police also claimed that they recovered a forged title for a separate type of car inside the vehicle. After several meetings with the prosecutor and a thorough investigation, all charges were dismissed and sealed. This is just an example of a way to clear one's name and get a case dismissed without proceeding to trial.  May 5, 2015 - Queens County Criminal Court

UPDATE  -  GUN CHARGES DISMISSED AGAINST QUEENS MAN DESPITE CLAIM BY POLICE OFFICER  - Client was charged with Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the Second Degree after police officer claimed he observed client in possession of a gun in the basement area of building.  After numerous court appearances and months of discussions with the District Attorney's Office, all charges were dismissed against the client without the case ever having to be presented to a grand jury.  Outstanding victory for the client who maintained his innocence throughout the process. This is yet another example of how agressive representation can prevail and discredit a police officer's version of an incident. Case dismissed and sealed.  October 29, 2014 - Queens County Criminal Court.

UPDATE   -   JURY RETURNS WITH NOT GUILTY VERDICT FOR QUEENS MAN ON CHARGE OF ATTEMPTED MURDER AND POSSESSION OF A GUN! - The client was charged with shooting someone outside of a nightclub in Jamaica, Queens. After an intense cross examination of the complainant by Attorney Deron Castro and without the defense calling a single witness, a Queens jury quickly returned a not guilty verdict on charges of Attempted Murder and Criminal Possession of a Weapon. This victory helped the client avoid a possible sentence of 25 years in prison. September 30, 2014 - Queens County Supreme Court  

UPDATE  -   ATTEMPTED MURDER CASE DISMISSED AFTER TWO COURT APPEARANCES!Client was charged with attempted murder of an individual who was shot while sitting in a car and faced a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison. After fighting with NYPD and the District Attorney's Office regarding the client's charges and arrest, Attorney Deron Castro was able to secure a dismissal of all charges for the client after two court appearances. Although an outcome like this usually will take a longer period of time, this is just an example of what can be accomplished with effective representation. September 11, 2014 - Queens County Criminal Court 

UPDATE  -  ATTEMPTED MURDER & GUN CHARGE DISMISSED AGAINST QUEENS MAN!  -  After a long battle with the District Attorney's Office, all charges were dismissed against a client on June 18, 2014.  Before Attorney Deron Castro was retained in this case, the client was held at Rikers Island with no bail.  After entering the case and demanding that the case be sent to the Grand Jury, we were able to get the client released without any bail even though he was already on probation. The client was charged with shooting someone on the street. Through agressive representation and refusing to accept a plea bargain, Attorney Deron Castro successfully convinced the prosecutor to drop all charges against the young client. June 2014 - Queens County Criminal Court  

UPDATE NOT GUILTY VERDICT IN QUEENS STOP & FRISK GUN POSSESSION TRIAL - Although police sergeant claimed he observed client place gun on ground, jury found client NOT GUILTY of all gun possession charges after Attorney Deron Castro attacked the credibilty of the sergeant during a classic cross examination. By confronting the police officer with numerous contradictions in his prior testimony and in his own police reports, Deron Castro completely discredited the prosecution's main witness.  Client was facing up to 15 years on the gun possession charges. October 29, 2013 - Queens County Supreme Court 

UPDATE - GUN CHARGE DISMISSED AFTER CLIENT TESTIFIES IN GRAND JURY - Client charged with gun possession in Queens County Criminal Court. After preparing with Defense Attorney Deron Castro for several weeks, the client testified before a grand jury and all charges were dismissed. At a time when gun cases are getting a great deal of attention because of pressure from Mayor Bloomberg, it is quite gratifying to have grand jurors carefully consider the testimony of a young client and then toss all charges including a gun posession charge which carried a mandatory state prison sentence. May 2013 - Queens Criminal Court

UPDATE JURY RETURNS NOT GUILTY VERDICT IN JUST 15 MINUTES AFTER  MONTH LONG TRIAL! - Client was charged with a gun possession and reckless endangerment related to a shooting outside of a Manhattan club.  Client faced a life sentence as a mandatory persistent offender. Although co-defendant was charged with murder, Deron Castro was able to have a separate jury decide his client's case in a unique two jury trial.  Despite the prosecutor presenting a case for a month, a relentless cross examination by Defense Attorney Deron Castro of the prosecutor's key eyewitness led to a Not Guilty verdict in just 15 minutes!  Special thanks must be given to University of North Carolina Law Student Robert Rivera for his assistance in the preparation for this trial. October 12, 2012 - Manhattan Supreme Court

UPDATE - MANHATTAN MAN FOUND NOT GUILTY OF ALL ROBBERY AND GUN CHARGES - Client was charged with a gun point robbery and faced a life sentence as a mandatory persistent felon (NY version of three strikes law).  Defense Attorney Deron Castro repeatedly attacked the alleged victim's version of events during a heated cross examination.  He argued to the jury that this was no robbery and was a dispute over money during a marijuana sale.  Although the police recovered a gun and the complainant's cell phone near the scene of the client's arrest, cross examination by Deron Castro uncovered a number of contradictions and unexplained circumstances.  The jury returned with a not guilty verdict the following day.  This victory helped the client avoid a life sentence. May 5, 2012 - Manhattan Supreme Court

UPDATE - NOT GUILTY VERDICT IN GUN CASE - A jury returned a verdict of NOT GUILTY on a charge of Possession of a Weapon.  In a seemingly unwinnable case where a co-defendant and a prosecutor both claimed the client was the guilty party, defense attorney Deron Castro was able to punch holes in the police officer's version of events and convince a jury to find the client not guilty of possessing the gun. This victory helped the client avoid a possible 15 year sentence. March 5, 2012 - Queens County Supreme Court

UPDATE - SOUTH JAMAICA MAN FOUND NOT GUILTY IN SHOOTING - A Queens County jury returned a verdict of NOT GUILTY on all charges in a trial where cross examination of the prosecutor's main eyewitness by defense attorney Deron Castro uncovered numerous contradictions and highly questionable police conduct.  The jury returned with a Not Guilty verdict in less than 1 hour.  After the trial, defense attorney Deron Castro received an email from a member of the jury which stated: "I was [a} the trial that took place yesterday in Queens court...I had to look you up because I was completely awestruck by your work in that courtroom defending your client.  Your level of passion and confidence while presenting your case was at such a high level, it was inspiring.  It was obvious to me that you gave that trial 200% and more.  I was extremely inspired by your work in that courtroom.  Your presence, demeanor, strategy, confidence, passion in the courtroom was superb.  If I ever need a criminal defense lawyer (which I hope I never do), or if I needed to recommend one, you would be choice number one without a doubt." December 7, 2011 - Queens County Supreme Court

UPDATE - NOT GUILTY VERDICT IN MURDER TRIAL IN BROOKLYN - After 5 1/2 days of deliberating, a Brooklyn jury returned a verdict of NOT GUILTY on Murder and Weapons charges.  Cross examination by defense attorney Deron Castro exposed the prosecutor's main witness as a government informant and former pimp. Without calling a single witness at the trial, the defense relied upon an attack on every aspect of the prosecutor's case and secured an acquittal of all charges for the client and avoided a life sentence. June 21, 2011 - Brooklyn Supreme Court

UPDATE - BROOKLYN MAN FOUND NOT GUILTY OF ALL CHARGES IN HIGH PROFILE ASSAULT CASE!     "Defense attorney Deron Castro killed the witnesses with his cross examination"  said a trial juror to NY Post.  March 28, 2011 - Brooklyn Supreme Court - Client accused of beating 65 year old in head with wooden stick causing brain injury and requiring medically induced coma.  Defense attorney Deron Castro attacked the story being told by the witnesses and argued that the client was indeed the victim of a brutal gay bashing.   Although client faced a prison sentence of 25 years and was held on an immigration warrant, he was cleared of charges and released by immigration authorities within a few days. 







UPDATEGUN CHARGES DISMISSED AGAINST CLIENT AFTER SUCCESFUL APPEAL   April 26, 2011 - Queens Supreme Court - An appeals court in Brooklyn overturned gun convictions against a Queens man after deciding that police engaged in illegal police conduct. 


UPDATE - ALL DRUG SALE CHARGES DISMISSED AGAINST QUEENS MAN AFTER MOTION FILED ATTACKING LEGITIMACY OF EVIDENCE PRESENTED TO GRAND JURY!   February 24, 2011 - Queens Supreme Court - Client was arrested and charged with 9 sales of cocaine after a long term drug investigation was conducted by narcotics officers in NYPD.  Without even going to trial, defense attorney Deron Castro managed to have all 9 separate drug sale charges dismissed against his client.   After reviewing the motion to dismiss all charges filed by the defense, a Queens Supreme Court judge tossed out every charge in the indictment. 

UPDATE - CLIENT FACING 20 YEARS TO LIFE ON FEDERAL DRUG CONSPIRACY INVOLVING MORE THAN 150 KILOS OF COCAINE GETS REDUCED SENTENCE OF ONLY 60 MONTHS!  After defense attorney Deron Castro made compelling arguments on behalf of a client in federal court, judge decided to disregard the recommendation of 20 years to life by the Dept. of Probation and agreed to a non-guidelines sentence of  60 months.  December 14, 2010 - Eastern District of New York

UPDATE - DEFENSE ATTORNEY DERON CASTRO PERSUADES FEDERAL JUDGE TO IMPOSE SENTENCE OF 60 MONTHS IN FEDERAL DRUG CONSPIRACY AND ROBBERY CASE DESPITE THE FACT THAT FEDERAL SENTENCING GUIDELINES  REQUIRED SENTENCE OF 135 - 168 MONTHS!  During a 2 1/2 hour hearing in federal court, defense attorney Deron Castro convinced a federal judge to disregard the suggested sentence range of 135 - 168 months and impose a much lighter sentence of 60 months where client was charged with drug conspiracy, robbery and gun possession.  December 16, 2010 - Eastern District of New York

UPDATE - QUEENS MAN FOUND NOT GUILTY OF ASSAULTING POLICE OFFICERS! - NOT GUILTY of Assault in the Second Degree - NOT GUILTY of Reckless Endangerment in the First Degree - NOT GUILTY of Attempted Assault in the Third Degree - NOT GUILTY of Leaving the Scene - October 18, 2010 - Queens Supreme Court - Despite being charged with running over police officer's foot with his car and attempting to assault two other police officers, jury found defendant NOT GUILTY of all felony charges and assault charges on police officers.  Defense attorney Deron Castro attacked the testimony of four separate police officers and their versions of an incident where client was maced by the police while inside of his car.

UPDATE - NASSAU COUNTY MAN FOUND NOT GUILTY OF SLASHING THE NECK OF COMPLAINANT! Client cleared of all charges - NOT GUILTY of Assault in the First Degree  - NOT GUILTY of Assault in the Second Degree - NOT GUILTY of Criminal Possession of a Weapon - May 24, 2010 - Nassau County Court - Without calling a single witness, Deron Castro was able to convince jury to find client not guilty of all charges where complainant claimed that client and another person attacked him and slashed his neck causing a deep laceration.  Vigorous cross examination of complainant and eye witness led to a quick verdict of not guilty by jury.  Client faced a sentence of up to 25 years.

UPDATE - TRIAL VICTORY AGAIN! - NOT GUILTY of Assault on a Police Officer and NOT GUILTY of Possession of a Weapon and NOT GUILTY of Menacing and NOT GUILTY of Possession of a Controlled Substance and NOT GUILTY of Reckless Driving - May 6, 2010 - Queens Supreme Court - Jury agrees with arguments by Deron Castro and completely rejects testimony of 2 cops claiming that client that led them on high speed car chase through South Jamaica, Queens and then assaulted one of the officers.  Once again, cross examination of the police officers by Deron Castro exposed numerous contradictions and the failure of the police to follow police procedures.

UPDATE - JURY FINDS CLIENT NOT GUILTY OF ASSAULT ON POLICE OFFICER & NOT GUILTY OF POSSESSION OF COCAINE! -Queens Supreme Court - March 26, 2010 - Although police claimed that they recovered bag containing over 1/8 of an ounce of cocaine in client's pocket and that client caused injury to police officer, jury rejected testimony of police officers after cross examination by Deron Castro exposed contradictions in police testimony.

UPDATE - TRIAL VICTORY IN GUN CASE! Client found NOT GUILTY of possessing a gun in the car he was driving - Queens Supreme Court - February 4, 2010 - Criminal Possession of a Loaded Weapon with Intent to Use - Not Guilty - Criminal Possession of a Loaded Weapon - Not Guilty - Criminal Possession of a Firearm - Not Guilty - Failing to Signal - Not Guilty 

UPDATE! Client found NOT GUILTY of all charges where DA called 3 police officers; 2 chemists; and 2 expert witnesses at trial - Brooklyn Supreme Court - October 5, 2009 - Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Sell - Not Guilty - Possession of over 1/8 Ounce of a Controlled Substance - Not Guilty - Possession of a Controlled Substance - Not Guilty

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